West Dunbartonshire Tourism Strategy

West Dunbartonshire CouncilThis consultation-led regional tourism and hospitality Strategy and Operating plan focussed on the short term development of the region’s tourism and hospitality sectors.

The project focused on product development, business support and skills development to meet the demands of both local industry and ultimately of visitors into the region seeking a quality experience.

Towards the compilation of this strategy and operating plan the Moffat Centre made contact with a diversity of public, private and voluntary sector organisations throughout the region and in some cases at a national level.

The project activities that led to the delivery of this strategy and operating plan were:

  • In depth interviews with 26 public and voluntary sector stakeholders including British Waterways Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, Visit Scotland and several divisions operating within West Dunbartonshire
  • Two regional tourism and hospitality workshops attended by 11 regional private sector operators and 26 public and voluntary sector stakeholders

The outputs of this consultative exercise were:

  • A relevant and timely set of practical recommendations promoting support for the regions’ tourism and hospitality sectors in a challenging economic time
  • The identification of priority regional tourism assets including built and natural heritage attractions and the proximity of West Dunbartonshire to Loch Lomond and suggested steps towards harnessing these assets
  • A market facing operating plan with recommended short term steps to attract in greater volumes of visitors to West Dunbartonshire
  • A prioritised list of initiatives to support the development of skills and knowledge amongst local tourism