Supporting growth in the Scottish tourism industry

Project Ongoing

The Moffat Centre for Travel and Tourism Business Development collects visitor data from almost 900 leading visitor attractions in Scotland.

The Centre, which carries out a wide range of consultancy and research in tourism, hospitality, events and travel, shares its data with a number of leading bodies including Historic Scotland, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Tourism organisations use this data to shape policy, management of visitor attractions and destination marketing.

Professor John Lennon, the Moffat Chair in Travel and Tourism Business Development, said: “We’ve been undertaking this statistical analysis at a UK level for more than a decade. It is the most continuous recording of visitor attraction data available and has been cited by the OECD and UNWTO as being one of the most important records of attraction flows and performance analysis.”

Stephen Duncan, Director of Commercial and Tourism, Historic Scotland, said: “Visitor data is crucial. We work very well with the Moffat Centre because we provide a national picture and they provide us with reciprocal data…the Moffat Centre’s work is very important to us.”