Profit Through Productivity

Best Practice FourmThe Moffat Centre worked as a registered Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) provider of business development advice to SMEs at selected destinations in the UK under the Best Practice Forum’s Profit Through Productivity Programme (PTP).  

Our business development team delivered business development advice in marketing, sales, finance and operations with a view to improving productivity.

In 2005 the project provided partnership assistance to 25 of the largest visitor attractions in Suffolk. Similar assistance in the visitor attraction sector was provided in North Wales for some 23 businesses.

The PTP programme is a Best Practice Forum initiative operating out of Kingston Upon Thames. Through the PTP programme business are invited to improve their operation over the course of a 3 step programme. The initiative gives business owners and managers an opportunity to 'measure up' their business performance against best practice and to take advantage of a wide range of business development options.

The aim is for businesses to recognise their achievements and to become more competitive and profitable.

The Moffat Centre mentored a total of 48 enterprises for the project, through a combination of one-to-one discussions and provision of benchmark data and case studies. 

This allowed businesses to fully explore how they were performing compared to sector norms and how they could improve their operations.