Capacity building in Malawi

Client: Malawi Institute of Tourism (MIT)

John Lennon and David Littlejohn delivered modular teaching input in Malawi Institute of Tourism (MIT), Blantyre as part of an MSc International Tourism Enterprise being delivered by the University.

This will see eight members of MIT faculty upgrade their qualifications and allow for new teaching material and knowledge to filter into the Institution.  The work is part of a long term commitment to upgrade and development of MIT that is being undertaken by the Moffat Centre with the financial support of the Scottish Government. Grant assistance for two projects was awarded to the Moffat Centre, to include


  • Construction and development of Information Communications Technology Teaching Facilities
  • Construction and development of Library Building and related learning resources
  • Development of Food Service and Food Production Facilities 
  • Development of Short Course Training Programmes for the Malawian Tourism Industry
  • Mentoring staff in training approaches and commercial course provision
  • Upgrade in staff qualifications to MSc level

As part of this in country capacity building from the Moffat Centre; teaching input was delivered to reinforce electronic distance learning.