100K Welcomes

100K WelcomesThe Moffat Centre was commissioned in 2005 to undertake a nationwide training programme promoting outstanding customer services within tourism operators throughout Scotland.

The training programme consisted of two elements: the Leadership Programme, aimed at engaging the industry from the top-down creating champions of training and development and the Operations Programme aimed at encouraging ideas and feedback to augment service provision of front of house.

The principle objectives of the project were:

•    To develop a targeted training programme aimed at improving service delivery within tourism businesses.
•    To market and promote the programme, ensuring quality delivery.
•    To train the trainers, developing a network of competent licensed trainers to undertake training.
•    To ensure trainers target both front of house staff and business leaders.
•    To develop on-line training options allowing for flexibility and reducing disadvantage of geographic distance of participants.
•    To maximise the impact and presence of trainers via partner databases and on-line resources.
•    To position Scotland as a benchmark for best practice in tourism and training development.

To achieve these objectives the Moffat Centre worked in partnership with a number of high profile tourism experts to ensure the relevance of the programme developed and buy in from industry to encourage participation.  

The Leadership Programme was successfully piloted at 40 events around the country, involving 170 businesses and 400 delegates

The 100K Welcome courses are now being rolled out across the country by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Tourism Forum through Scottish further education providers and independent trainers.