SAOS provides detailed data on overnight stays in Scotland and includes hotels, guest houses and B&Bs, caravan and camping parks, self-catering and hostels.

Its data is used by the Scottish Government, local authorities and public bodies to calculate tourism value and performance. It is also incorporated into the UK Occupancy Survey, in turn informing the UK Government.

How to participate

We provide all participants with a link, by email to complete an online request for January data, using the RIBOS system. Data will be requested once a month, by email. On provision of monthly stats, all participants will have online access to up to date trends within the accommodation sector.

If you are a Scottish accommodation business, and you would like to benefit from this free opportunity to monitor your occupancy, please contact us


All data provided to us will be stored securely on a password protected database, only accessible to Moffat Centre staff. Data will only be used to inform trends and individual participants will not be identified to anyone out with the Moffat Centre.

The benefits of participation

  • Increased awareness of trends and headlines within the industry, for example use of booking sites and Social media use.
  • A great opportunity to participants to create business plans and undertake grant or funding applications using the trends and data provided by the Moffat Centre.
  • A unique insight into the performance of similar businesses in your accommodation category and local area.
  • In addition, you will be helping to create an indispensable resource which will offer up to date information on accommodation provision throughout Scotland.

All participants will receive


  • Up to date, immediate trends, in graphical illustration, for the Scottish Accommodation sector via the online RIBOS portal.
  • Up to date, headline and regional trends for the Scottish Visitor Attraction sector via email.


  • An invitation to attend a half day workshop, detailing trading strategies and ways in which to build a more competitive business offer. The first workshop will take place on the 16th of March in Glasgow, as part of Scottish Tourism Week. More details to follow.


  • Annual occupancy performance report via
  • Annual Visitor Attraction Statistics for Scotland and your own Region

Scottish Accommodation Survey Reports

Previous Scottish Accommodation Occupancy Survey Reports can be found at VisitScotland


If you require verification of our credentials and association with VisitScotland, please email with the subject line Occupancy Survey Participation